Project Overview and Objectives

Preserving the quality of life and moving Ventura County forward. That’s the commitment VCTC makes to the communities of Ventura County.

  • Continually improving the local transportation system
  • Maintaining our ranking as one of the best places to live
  • Giving residents easy access to local travel

VCTC plans, funds, and manages projects designed to keep Ventura moving.

When it comes to Our Future 101, VCTC will be studying alternatives along a twenty-seven-mile stretch between State Route 23 in Thousand Oaks to State Route 33 in Ventura.

VCTC believes that congestion can be reduced significantly by:

  • Applying strategies to improve traffic operations
  • Eliminate dangerous traffic merges
  • Make room for car pools and buses

These types of improvements will not only handle the growth that has already occurred but the growth yet to come.

The ultimate result? A freeway that moves people efficiently and safely to all the places they want to go. Improving the quality of life for those, especially in Ventura County, who use the 101 every day.

Project Development Process